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Officials are required by most districts to enter a Game Incident Report (GIR) when Misconducts, Game Misconducts, Gross Misconducts or Match Penalties are assessed for a player or team official. The myTTM Game Incident Reporting web service reduces the workload for officials when linked to a district that is already using the myTTM Suspension Reporting web service. In addition, viewing of GIRs is easily accomplished for both officials and league users.

Key Features

  • Integrates with myTTM Suspension Reporting;
  • Sign In for officials can be done from the district myTTM Web Services portal or from the central myTTM GIR Sign In page;
  • Creating (importing) and maintaining accounts for officials can be done easily for users with administrative permissions;
  • When creating a GIR, data entry is simplified for officials as follows :
    • where a league uses myTTM Schedules, a list of current games is available to select and will automatically populate game and team information;
    • Home and Visitors team lists are available for district and out of district teams for all districts using myTTM Suspension Reporting;
    • team member lists, including Affiliated Players, are available for both Home and Visitors teams;
    • referee/linesmen lists are available;
    • any number of incidents can be easily recorded;
    • GIR can be saved and re-entered as many times as required before submitting the completed GIR;
  • Officials can upload the game sheet related to the GIR;
  • Once submitted, GIR email notifications are sent to designated officials and optionally to league discipline reps and teams for the districts involved;
  • Officials can easily view their own GIRs as well as selectively list GIRs for their district;
  • For league discipline reps, GIRs will be accessible for all suspensions simply by clicking to view the GIR from the suspension entry;
  • League discipline reps can also selectively create custom GIR reports for their district;
  • Optionally, teams can view GIRs related to games that their team was involved in;
  • Optionally, suspensions can be generated automatically by myTTM Suspension Reporting as the GIR is created. This removes the necessity for teams to enter suspensions and reduces the number of incorrect suspension entries made where infractions are not so clear on a game sheet.
  • Optionally, GIR notifications can be sent to just the district/team the incident involved or the notifications can be sent to both the involved district/team and the other team and other district if it is different.

Main Benefits

  • Since GIRs are stored in a database both GIR officials and existing league users of the myTTM Suspension Reporting (including district, league, club and team users) can all view and report on any GIR related to suspensions;
  • Districts that play games in other districts using myTTM Game Incident Reporting, will still receive GIR notifications and will still have suspensions created automatically without needing to contact the other district;
  • Districts that play games in other districts not using myTTM Game Incident Reporting, any notification received from their GIR system (i.e. Hockey Canada) can then be optionally entered into the myTTM Game Incident Reporting web service to have the GIR accessible to all league users and to have suspensions created automatically;

Ready, Set, Go!

The myTTM Game Incident Reporting web service has been designed to work with any website making it convenient for minor hockey organizations to link to from their existing website. We charge a one-time fee for setup administration of your new account and an annual hosting and maintenance fee.

Try Our Demo Version

Want to see the myTTM Game Incident Reporting web service in action? We have a demo version which is fully operational and allows you to see how your organization can benefit from using our solution. The myTTM Game Incident Reporting demo version can be found at You will need to contact us to get accounts created for logging in as a GIR user.