Total Team Management

myTTM - Essential Web Services for Minor Hockey Organizations


The most fundamental aspect of any hockey organization is the ability to communicate or interface with its members. Today, the best means of communicating to a general audience is with a website. When a website is properly designed and maintained it can provide a tremendous service for a hockey organization. Visitors to the hockey organization's website can access up-to-date information anytime of the day making it very convenient and less of a burden.

Based on your requirements, we will design a professional looking website to promote your organization. Your new website will be easily maintained with our online Content Management System which allows non-technical users the ability to make website content changes. Additionally, if you are satisfied with your current website design but want an easier way to make content updates, we can transfer your existing website to our facilities and integrate it into our Content Management System.

Here is a list of features available with our myTTM Websites web service:

  • Content Management System
      Our built-in Content Management System allows easy maintenance of all information on your website. You will be assigned an account where you can log in securely to access all tools necessary for maintaining your website.
  • Web Page Selection
      Instantly add or remove pages or sections you wish to provide or not provide on your website.
  • Website Content View Control
      Control when content is to be displayed either manually or automatically. Manually you can set visibility of content to hidden or not. For automatic content display, all content is controlled by a start and end date.
  • Automatic Revision Control and Content Backup
      All changes to website content are tracked automatically by assigning a revision to each change. This provides backups to your content and allows earlier changes to be restored if necessary. Also, you can set a revision to be displayed on your website. This allows you to display a known revision while you are making updates for a future release of your web page content.
  • Menu Selection
      Add, remove or move items to customize the menu for your website.
  • Secure Web Pages
      Instantly add password protection to any of your web pages that you don't wish seen by unauthorized visitors. 
  • Full-Featured Electronic Bulletin Board
      Communicate interactively with board members and keep track of all communications with our comprehensive bulletin board.
  • PHP Support
      Enhance the display of your content by using built-in PHP server-side scripting.
  • Database Interface
      Access and display information from database tables using our easy database interface.
  • Custom Database Tables
      Create database tables on the fly for easily storing and displaying your website content.
  • Custom Online Forms
      When information is needed from your visitors (registration information, etc.), easily add a form to your website to collect the information and have the information stored in a database table for easy retrieval.