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Player affiliation is a great way to develop minor hockey players to get to the next level of their abilities. Most leagues will encourage player affiliation but typically will impose restrictions to the team a player can be affiliated to and the number of times that player can be called up to play. The myTTM Player Affiliation Reporting web service offers a central repository for leagues to report and track affiliated player activity.

System Setup

Our online administration portal provides a complete toolset to allow the myTTM Affiliation Reporting web service to be configured for your organization. This includes:

  • Defining organizational structure including leagues, associations/clubs, divisions, division categories and teams;
  • Importing team rosters (i.e. from Hockey Canada registry) and easily assign players to teams;
  • Defining accounts for district, league and association/club affiliation representatives with either reporting or administrative permissions;
  • Maintaining Affiliated Player call-Up repository;
  • Configuring maximum call-up counts and start date for counting number of call-ups for Affiliated Players;
  • Configuring affiliation type (Club, Specially or Team-to-Team) for associations/clubs and teams;
  • Defining affiliation rules for eligible players between leagues, divisions and categories

User Access

Both team and affiliation representatives access the myTTM Affiliation Reporting web service from the myTTM Web Services portal. Accounts are established via the administration portal allowing users to login before being granted access to the myTTM Affiliation Reporting web service.

Once logged in, teams can:

  • Select their list of affiliate players from eligible teams (when Specially Affiliation has been defined);
  • Select their team to affiliate with (when Team-to-Team Affiliation has been defined);
  • View a list of all eligible affiliate players;
  • Enter call-up notifications for affiliated players;
  • Provide call-up confirmation by uploading game sheet for the game the affiliated player played;
  • Indicate if a called-up player actually played or not (typically for goalies);

Affiliation representatives, once logged in, can:

  • Report on affiliate players by team;
  • Report on affiliate player call-ups and call-up counts;
  • Maintain affiliation information (where applicable);

Key Features

  • Integrates easily with your existing website;
  • Supports Club, Specially, Team-to-Team Affiliation;
  • Supports lateral affiliation method for special cases where players can be affiliated at the same level;
  • Administration portal for easy configuration;
  • Shares administration with the myTTM Suspension Reporting web service;
  • When used with myTTM Suspension Reporting, coach/manager for affiliated player's home team gets notified when affiliated player receives a suspension;
  • Support for both team and affiliation representative accounts;
  • Retrieving account passwords is done via email automatically for all accounts;
  • Supports user restriction to Affiliation repository;
    • Teams only see call-ups for the Affiliated Players of their team;
    • Association/club representatives only see call-ups for Affiliated Players within their organization;
    • League representatives only see call-ups for Affiliated Players within their league;
    • District representatives see all call-ups for Affiliated Players in their district
  • Team entry of player call-up notifications;
  • Team entry of Affiliation List (Specially Affiliation only);
  • Email notification of call-up notifications to all team and affiliation representatives;
  • Call-up report generation for teams and affiliation representatives (HTML, PDF and Excel);
  • Administrative permissions can be assigned to affiliation representatives for updating call-ups;
  • Game sheet uploading for confirming call-up;
  • Call-up count tracking with warning to teams when maximum call-up count is getting close;
  • Prevents call-up for players that have reached maximum call-up count (can be overriden by affiliation representative when affiliated player's team is no longer playing);
  • Multi-Browser and Multi-Device support for accessing from any device

Ready, Set, Go!

The myTTM Affiliation Reporting web service has been designed to work with any website making it convenient for minor hockey organizations to integrate with their existing website. We charge a one-time fee for setup administration of your new account and an annual hosting and maintenance fee.

Try Our Demo Version

Want to see the myTTM Affiliation Reporting web service in action? We have a demo version which is fully operational and allows you to see how your organization can benefit from using our solution. The myTTM Affiliation Reporting demo version can be found at You will need to contact us to get accounts created for logging in as a team member and affiliation representative.